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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2017Portfolios focused on controversial issues to enhance argumentative writing skillsAbella Peña, Oscar Fernando; Núñez Pardo, Astrid, asesora
3-Oct-2017Contextualized worksheets focused on tasks for two oral communication micro-skilllsMunévar Jerez, María Isabel; Núñez Pardo, Astrid, directora
5-Oct-2017Impact of worksheets based on role plays on students' fluencyMunévar Vega, Milena; Gómez, Julio Cesar, director
4-Oct-2017The impact of Moodle-based worksheets to enhance students' reading comprehensionRamírez Castro, Karoll; Téllez Téllez, María Fernanda, directora
2018Enhancing speaking through board and table games in an EFL classroomLinares Linares, Carmen Esperanza; Torres Jaramillo, Claudia, directora
2018Teacher-made worksheets to develop oral language in an EFL ClassroomAnteliz Gómez, Andrés Felipe; Torres Jaramillo, Claudia, directora
2018Vlogging through digital lessons: enhancing speaking in an EFL blended learning environmentEspinosa Torres, David Felipe; Torres Jaramillo, Claudia, directora
Feb-2018Contextualized workshops to foster oral communication and cultural awarenessCiprian Castillo, Clemencia Caterine; Téllez Téllez, María Fernanda, directora
2018Teacher-made materials focused on significant learning to foster oral interactionSegura Sarmiento, Freddy Alejandro; Núñez Pardo, Astrid, directora
2018Extensive reading worksheets for reading comprehension and intercultural awarenessCéspedes Roncancio, Derly Meliza; Téllez Téllez, María Fernanda, directora