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    Análisis de la Resolución 631 del 17 de marzo de 2015 expedida por el Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible (MADS) en el desarrollo de las actividades del sector petrolero
    (Bogotá : Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2017., 2017-11) Barrera Rodríguez, Adriana Paola; Rodríguez Bernal, Deisy Lisbeth
    Taking into account the problems identified by the oil activities and regulations updates that must be fulfilled for each environmental components which oil sector has to use during its operation, it was necessary to review the changes included in Resolution 631 of 17 March 2015 issued by Minambiente, which are related to the water component, referring to the discharges made to the several bodies of water during hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities. Once identified, an analysis was perform taking into account the effects that this changes would have on the oil sector in case they have to modify their processes to effectively comply with the requirements made by Resolution 631 of 2015 of the Minambiente, especially already operative projects, since the competent authority can request updates in their processes in order get covered from the new requirements established.