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    Plan de negocios solución para restaurantes “Da' gusto”
    (Bogotá : Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2018., 2018-06-12) Ferrari, Leonardo Germán; Orozco Herrera, Ángela Eveth; Rey Campero, Carlos Ricardo
    Da'Gusto is the presentation of a technological solution proposition for restaurants, based on two main concepts that are the digital economy and the change of consumer behavior. Analyzing the restaurants business model and taking knowledge from the personal experience of the authors, it has been identified several consumer dissatisfaction points and the lack of technology in the service provided comes evident. In the document, we present a context analysis of the situation, the description of the problem, a market research and the objectives. The information allows developing the proposal, based on the development of an application for restaurants that allows consumers to perform the interaction through a terminal at their table, whose objective is to create the experience that the client wants and to deliver to the restaurant a value differentiation in their business model.